Clinical Trials

Your Partner for clinical supply management

The organisation and handling of clinical supplies is a complex activity. We can offer the following support and expertise

  • Comparator sourcing
  • Blinding of clinical trial medication
  • Primary/Secondary packaging of clinical trial materials
  • Storage of the finished units (15–25°C / 2–8°C / -25°C / -80°C)
  • Batch Certification and EU Release by EU QP
  • Reception of the shipment orders to clinical trial sites incl. triggers from IRT based system
  • Picking of the units to be delivered (Patient Kits, Block Boxes, Center Boxes, etc.)
  • Shipment preparation incl. packing of passive cooled shipment units with data Loggers
  • Commissioning of the carrier along with organizing cold chain management solutions, track & trace, documentation

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Clinical Supply Management